Sunday 23rd February - 08:54pm


This year we had a unique feature stand in front of the main stage, ‘The Foxes Rock Bar’. It was an extremely popular feature amongst the enthusiastic punters. We showcased all of our Irish and American craft beers and we even had some guest beers on offer throughout the festival. We had a very trendy cocktail bar called ’The Whiskey Lounge’. Here two expert mixologists from Dublin Bar Academy blew customers away with their amazing cocktails. Three bourbon cocktails were available throughout the event, Kentucky Blush, Man About Town and the infamous ‘Spicebag’.

All cocktails sold out as Sunday evening approached but one cocktail seemed to stand out. A combination of rye, mango, passion fruit and a drop of chilli tincture convinced us to create a name that was both daring and on trend, here ‘The Spicebag’ was created. This cocktail was not only popular with the customers but it exploded socially! Everyone and anyone wanted to try a ‘Spicebag Cocktail’, even the guys from The Irish Times! On the Saturday of Taste of Dublin, the Spicebag was in the newspaper and splashed all over social media. Even in the weeks after the event we were approached by The Daily Edge and to talk about this cocktail! Well what can we say, Dublin loves their Spicebags ;)